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July 3rd

Is sad to thing that this three day holiday will have people gathering and the virus spreading all the more they is has with large gatherings and people not wearingn masks. It's sad that so many...... Read More
Posted 27 minutes ago by sfeastbay

Oh, Deer, he said Ducking

This is the third day of a hard rain. It was supposed to have stopped this morning but so far not although the skies are lightening in the south. The rivers have risen rapidly overnight and are over t...... Read More
Posted 38 minutes ago by ZenofKen

Goodbye June & hello July!

Good morning my dear readers, when you see me you know what that means. If you don’t well that is okay it means it is time for my once a month blog post. So here we are the sixth month of 2020...... Read More
Posted 52 minutes ago by charmedbookworm

Thoughts On Celebrating the Fourth

Here it is, the 3rd of July and I haven't even thought about what we'll do to celebrate when tomorrow gets here. That's because I haven't felt much like celebrating now that corona...... Read More
Posted 2 hours ago by AmalaTsering

7-4-20 Trivia Question 2296

What American coin was the first to have nickel in it...... Read More
Posted 2 hours ago by BrotherDocs

Ya gotta laugh at democrat "leaders" FU's...

$500M in damages So, the DEMOCRAT governor of Minnesota and DEMOCRAT politicians allow "peaceful protesters" to run amuck and destroy businesses, government buildings, burn cars, and loot...... Read More
Posted 3 hours ago by OpinionNateTed

Ghislaine Maxwell - Somebody Please Explain This Story To Me?

Someone please explain to me why a news story from August 2019 that Ghislaine Maxwell was living her New Hampshire mansion? ABC ran this story in August 19 2019 of Ghizelle Maxwell living in a mansion...... Read More
Posted 3 hours ago by Thewritertwo

Picture This!....Or Maybe Not...

My post from Facebook (and yes, it really happened)…. “Picture this. Going into my son’s room to wake him up with my new bluetooth speaker and then finding the most obnoxious song w...... Read More
Posted 4 hours ago by blogmom

kool-aid just got real must of missed this flavor!

This is a photo post containing 2 photos... Read More
Posted 5 hours ago by ricciw55

I Hope Your Happy...Carly Pearce, Lee Brice

After having my number changed yet again over this man's paranoia...I give up. I'll just shut up and do as I'm told...... Read More
Posted 5 hours ago by bluesonrisas

What The F…!

What The F…! When you are guilty, for among other things, the deaths of hundreds of thousands, you are responsible and you will pay...... Read More
Posted 5 hours ago by udontsay

How the social-political Right has abetted the Left's advance, and how a reverse may be made to occur

Erstwhile the workplace was apolitical because the culture was apolitical; society's moral norms were not under attack; rather they were ubiquitously promoted. Shortly after leaving the U.S. Nav...... Read More
Posted 14 hours ago by tjdonegan

Governor of Texas finally wakes up, when will some others??

Finally, after seven days when the cases of Covid-19 went from 131,917 on June 26 to 175,977 on July 2, Governor Abbott finally decided that it was time to act. For those, like me, who are math-chall...... Read More
Posted 14 hours ago by scenefromtheleft

Gonna BEEF-OUT this weekend... Rib-Eye Steak

Today I got fresh USDA Choice Rib-Eye steak for 4.49 a pound!! Early in his life my Dad worked in his Dad's butcher shop. In the 1950's he used to bring home the BEST tasting steaks, E V E...... Read More
Posted 18 hours ago by FedUpToHere


My glasses cost more, than what I get every month from Social Security. The prism strength has weakened, so yes, I need new glasses. I usually go 2 years, before I need new glasses, but this time, jus...... Read More
Posted 19 hours ago by ellie1142545


Do yourself one favor listen to the first 5minutes just past the first 2second break...... Read More
Posted 20 hours ago by aKunaKumara

What Happens Now?

Which do you believe is most likely for Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell...... Read More
Posted 22 hours ago by Metalheart


Equality. I’m sick and tired of hearing about it. It is the single most destructive myth the world has ever known. Equality before the law is as it should be, but societal equality is not only...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by retiredinaz

Feeling good

Last year daughter and grand daughter needed a place to stay. I said yes. They both had jobs but the rent here is way to high. It did not take long until grand became a caretaker for me (read that as...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by katskorner

A Very Special July 4 Celebration

There is a very special celebration of Independence Day this year at good old South Dakota. God bless that true American state! There you can celebrate Independence from a country that is almost as ba...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by Oakie2012

A New Book: A Woman Is No Man

I am in the midst of reading this book. It is about some Palestinians with two different generations that have ended up in Brooklyn in NYC. Each generation has issues dealing with how to be Palestini...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by VickieCollins

Quilt top done! (w/pic)

At long last!!! After more ripping (as in opening up seams with a seam ripper) and re-pinning and sewing... The top is done! Here it is... This is one of those patterns you get really happy about when...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Zoey-Mae

Boston To Remove Its Copy Of The Lincoln Emancipation Memorial – America’s Use Of Lincoln As A Kind Of Savior Or Redeemer Figure

Posted 2 days ago by chuckman

Good thing I like heat and humidity!

I am hoping it helps--on my July avatar I have 'WEAR A MASK'! My July calendar dogs have the right idea--even if they are having miniature cups!! It is no surprise that June was a hot and h...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by greatmartin

Mine will be

Gary and I broke up.......for good this time. I am ok. Thanks for asking...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Jollyonehere

A Sincerely Vehement Denunciation

For me, usage of the word "right" is an affront. Here's how: pretend you and I are standing face-to-face; myself using fitting gesticulations whilst I to you speak; you are not respon...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by MisterCox

Very Deserving

I sincerely hope all of the Democrat-controlled cities and states succeed in totally destroying themselves. The mindless bastards that elected the corrupt and sleazy scumbags to political office dese...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by TheAgedMrD

Just a quickie

I hope you all are OK, and staying safe, me, well I'm waiting for the good news to come, yep feeling very optimistic, after having a full body MRI on Friday, and a blood test on Monday, the speci...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Shaunepawn

A Violation Of Civil Liberties

Toronto city council votes to make masks mandatory indoors hours ago Toronto's city council has voted to make non-medical masks and face coverings mandatory in indoor public spaces to h...... Read More
Posted 3 days ago by wesleyonrot

Work... and What's Next

I have been driving the town loop bus every Monday for the past month or so. The medical rides simply weren't there. Thankfully, it's been picking up. Yesterday several vans were out. This i...... Read More
Posted 3 days ago by maggiesnextphase


Feeling a little folkish this morning, thought I'd share...... Read More
Posted 3 days ago by bigfatdaddy


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